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Why Dilly's Research?


Obsessed with writing

 Since retiring from the 9-5 Investment Research Analyst job for good in early 2019, I've written for a number of clients across the world on investment-related topics. It's not about the financial benefits or the freedom that it brings along - but about doing what I love to do; writing 


A Proven Approach

 Working with high-profile investment research publications including Seeking Alpha, TalkMarkets, Zawya (Thompson Reuters Middle East), ValueWalk, and many public companies in the U.S., I have developed the necessary skill-set to deliver what you pay for - high quality content at an affordable price. 


How do I keep the costs low?

 While I don't work for pennies by any means, I keep costs low in comparison to other freelance agencies out there - but how and why? Because I love doing what I do and specializing in one niche gives makes it easier to complete work more efficiently and cost effectively. Investment research and Investment writing is what makes me tick.

Our Team


Dilantha De Silva

Yes, that's me! As a former investment research analyst, and a CFA level 2 candidate, I strive to find the next "ten bagger" (as Peter Lynch would have wanted me to put it) in U.S. equity markets. I primarily focus on undervalued and under-covered stocks, as I believe these account for the best investment opportunities out there today.    Undervalued and/or under-covered stocks tend to deviate significantly from their respective intrinsic values at times, and I'm driven by the passion to unveil such investment opportunities to investors. 


I'm a strong believer of the fact that most followed companies have little to offer investors from a return perspective, as these stocks are usually efficiently priced, as the market price reflects all publicly available information at any given point.  


Apart from investing my money, I like to work with clients on writing investment research reports on public companies, writing on personal finance topics for your publication, or even helping you with content related to your investment & finance blog.  


Sorx Media ( Cyprus)

It was obvious from the beginning of our collaboration that Dilantha is a professional. Polite and knowledgeable with great manners. He delivered content of a quality higher than expected. Glad to have found him!  

Fotis Papatheofanous (Greece)

I am a returning client. DIlantha's work is simply amazing, delivers much more than you would expect and I wouldn't be surprised if he is the top financial and investment writer here on Fiverr.  

LinkResPet (Public listed company in the U.S.)

Super detailed and well written. Will be using him for some articles in the future, especially ones that require more technical writing. 

Air Rdesign (France)

Great work on this last project. I will continue to hire Dilantha for his strong command of English and deep understanding of financial writing. 

Steven Noble (Australia)

Amazing work, the quality of research is as good as it gets and it was delivered on time as arranged. Thanks again :)   

NVK Group (The United Kingdom)

 Very good as usual 

Investment research writing is a tricky task

When it comes to investment research writing, it's imperative to a hire a professional.

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